Guild of Ushers, Lay Readers and Lectors, Worship Committee

Guild of Ushers

A special ministry of hospitality, the Guild of Ushers welcomes worshipers to St. Luke’s by serving as hosts for both Sunday services, as well as all holiday and special services. Currently, more than 40 well-trained parishioners volunteer for these duties, which include managing seating, distributing bulletins, receiving and presenting the gifts of the people, guiding the flow of traffic to and from the altar rail and tidying up the church after the services. Volunteers are sought who are willing to undergo a training class and to usher at least once every six to eight weeks.

For more information, contact Emily Childs, Guild of Ushers Warden.

Lay Readers and Lectors

Worship leaders are lay members of the congregation who assist the clergy in the conduct of services at St. Luke’s.  They read from the Scriptures, and they lead the congregation in the Psalms (if they are said rather than sung), the Creed and the Prayers of the People.  They also assist the clergy at the altar by administering the chalice during Holy Communion.  More than 15 men and women (including one or two teenagers) are Worship Leaders at St. Luke’s.  They are licensed by the Bishop and must undergo a brief training (one or two sessions).
Contact: Valerie Kent (

Lectors are members of the congregation who volunteer and then read an appropriate Scripture on a designated date during the service. There is no age limit to becoming a Lector, however, for the Liturgy of the Word to be effective, all lectors are expected to be prepared for their ministry. Preparation should be spiritual, scriptural, and practical. Spiritual preparation involves prayer over the text and reflection on its message. Scriptural preparation involves understanding the text. Practical preparation involves mastering difficult words, learning the right pronunciations, and practicing the delivery of the text aloud.
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Worship Committee

An advisory committee to the Rector, this group is charged with considering any and all matters concerning worship at St. Luke’s. These include music, liturgy, and the interior of the church as it affects worship and the overall shape and content of Sunday mornings at St. Luke’s. The committee meets monthly and is composed of six lay members, along with four ex officio members, including the Rector, the Assistant Priest, the Deacon and the Organist.

The Worship Committee welcomes feedback from the congregation; if you have comments, concerns or suggestions, please contact Richard Somerset-Ward, Chair.