The Worship Ministries at St. Luke’s work in concert to ensure that the first pillar of our vision statement — “Honor God’s Presence” — is alive in every aspect of the worship experience. From those who work side by side with our Clergy during the service itself to those who work behind the scenes to create the peaceful, reverent atmosphere so beloved by parishioners and visitors alike, the Worship Ministries fill an essential role that is at the heart of life at St. Luke’s.


The Corps of Acolytes at St. Luke’s is an intergenerational group made up of nearly 30 youths and several adults. The Corps is directed by the Master and Mistress of Acolytes, Richard Somerset-Ward and Alix Weisz, and is led by several young members, who are responsible for training newcomers and updating others. Acolytes are valued participants in the Sunday services; their youthful countenances (and footwear, which peeks from beneath their flowing robes) are constant reminders that St. Luke’s is a church for all ages.

If you would like to learn more about the Corps of Acolytes, please contact Richard Somerset-Ward or Alix Weisz.

Altar Guild and Flowers

A team of more than 20 parishioners, the Altar Guild is dedicated to preparing for the celebration of the Eucharist each week and for the observance of the other sacraments and offices of the church. The group is led by two Directresses, Catherine Henry and Missy Witte, who administer a schedule that calls for Altar Guild members to serve on a three-person team for one calendar month each year. In addition, members of the Altar Guild assure the beauty of the Altar in all seasons by seeking and scheduling flower donors and designing floral displays for holidays and other special church occasions. The Altar Guild welcomes new members.

Please call Catherine Henry or Missy Witte if you are interested in learning more.