The Parish Ministries at St. Luke’s are committed to the church and its vision by ensuring that all parishioners, long-timers and new alike, share in the blessing of all that St. Luke’s has to offer, from our physical spaces – our beautiful church, hall, classrooms, offices and grounds – to the spirit of fellowship and common purpose that we experience within those places as we gather together to worship, celebrate, learn and teach.

Building and Grounds Committee

Charged with maintaining all the facilities of St. Luke’s, the Committee is composed of eight to 10 parishioners who meet once a month to discuss and evaluate general maintenance and repair needs, as well as longer-range capital improvements for the church, the parish house and two other local properties owned by St. Luke’s. New members are welcomed.

If you would like to volunteer for the committee or simply to learn more, contact Tom Pugsley, Chairman.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is charged with managing all aspects of St. Luke’s financial portfolio and setting goals and implementing strategies to ensure its optimal health, as well as to provide regular reports to the Vestry. The Finance Committee works closely with its Investment Sub-Committee, which creates and oversees the objectives and allocations of the church’s investment funds.

For more information on the work of the Finance Committee, contact the church office at 908-234-0002.