Garden Committee

The devoted members of the Garden Committee are responsible for maintaining the planting beds around St. Luke’s church. The group is made up of parishioner volunteers of all ages, who tend the garden lovingly and meticulously, ensuring the beauty of St. Lukes’ grounds during all four seasons. More help is enthusiastically sought – please contact Anne Van den Bergh or Lisa Stryker to volunteer.

Stewardship Committee

The Stewardship Committee works closely with the Finance Committee and Treasurer to set goals for the annual giving campaign, which funds all church operations, including staff salaries. The committee is charged with developing strategies for meeting the goal and seeking the commitments of all parishioners in supporting the church. Though the committee’s members may change annually, the group’s philosophy remains consistent

“If St. Luke’s is truly your spiritual home, then surely it is a place that is worth supporting to the best of your ability.”

If you are interested in stewardship and would like to volunteer (or give!), please call the church office at 908-234-0002.

Pledge letter

Proportional giving chart 2015

2015 Pledge Card