The many caring ministries of St. Luke’s are the true helping hands of our faith community. It is through these groups, in part, that we do our best to “walk the walk” of Jesus, without fanfare or applause, but in a spirit of humility and compassion. These St. Luke’s ministries quietly provide the kind gesture, the soothing words and the warm connection with the outside world that offer hope and comfort to parish members, to those in our extended community and to some, far from home, each of whom may be experiencing financial or health struggles, grief and loss, or even homesickness.

Kitchen Committee

Our committee provides weekly care to our church kitchen—the site of so many activities, from Sunday Coffee Hours to food prep for the soup kitchen. We not only monitor supplies and equipment, but take part in a yearly major “clean-up”.

Knitting Ministry/ Prayer Shawl

The Prayer Shawl Ministry at St. Luke’s is made up of knitters who meet Thursday mornings in the Canterbury Room from 10 a.m. till noon. This non-denominational and open group welcomes newcomers and drop-ins, including people who prefer to knit at home. Prayer Shawls traditionally have the prayer of the Holy Trinity knitted throughout: knit three/pearl three, ad infinitum; hence their name. They are blessed and given to members of the parish or friends or family of members who are experiencing illness or loss. Those who deliver them take the gathered prayers and support of St. Luke’s in God’s love, knit into a warm, wraparound form.

If you have any questions or would like to be a part of the shawl ministry, either participating from your home or joining its members at the church on Thursday mornings, please contact Jane Knight at