Parish Nurses

We provide monthly blood pressure monitoring, maintenance of first aid kits throughout the parish building, and the ever informative, health bulletins posted in the bathrooms. We would always welcome any RN’s or LPN’s who wish to join us, because with a larger group, we would be able to offer more services.

Prayer Circle

The people of the St. Luke’s Prayer Chain pray for those on the St. Luke’s Prayer List. These are names and concerns submitted by members and through members of St. Luke’s. Prayer requests may be submitted through any of the Clergy of St. Luke’s, through the Parish Office Administrator, or directly to the Prayer Chain Scribe. Requests are then sent out by email. Requests are confidential, but not secret. Any member of St. Luke’s may join the Prayer Chain. The printed Prayer List is updated periodically during the year and is available in hard copy at the Parish Office, or through email.

We also pray for those who absorb the violence in our world, we pray for those who have no one to pray for them, and we pray for our enemies. Our motto has been “Flee, Be Silent, Pray Always”. Recently, the Scribe became aware of another translation of this: “Flee, Be Silent, Repose” – that is to rest our hearts and prayers in God at all times, thereby practicing the presence of God at all times. In 2010, some of us continued to meet in Anne’s Chapel through Lent for Silent Meditative Prayer.

Currently, all are invited to Meditative Prayer at Community of Saint John Baptist in Mendham; where we meet on Thursday at 7:15 PM for silent meditative prayer. All are invited.

More information can be found at, the Convent website.

Anyone may be a member of the prayer chain. Please contact the parish office.