Adult Education

The Adult Education, Bible Study (male and female), and Fellowship committee has a mission to promote Christian Understanding and embrace the Golden Rule, do unto others… We seek to promote understanding our God’s Mission for each member and to reach across the Christian community. To these ends, we have men’s fellowship events with multiple churches, organize Christian Learning such as 10:59 or special learning series as well as to develop other venues that enhance our relationship with God and ourselves.
Tom Cross, Eric Davidson, Joy Walley, as well as Kent Walley are responsible with other church members for the organization of activities. We welcome all who have an interest in education, fellowship and fun!

Parish Forum — We Believe (PDF)
The Nicene Creed — Part I (PDF),  Audio MP3
The Nicene Creed Part II (PDF),  Audio MP3

Adult Midweek Bible Study

The adult midweek Bible study meets in the Canterbury Room following the midweek service on Wednesday mornings from 11:00 am–noon. We are comprised of adventurous men and women who enjoy wrestling with Scripture so that they can practically apply it to their lives. In a typical year, we work our way through at least one book of the Bible. Sometimes we do book studies as well.

This fall the group will be initiating St. Luke’s “post graduate” ministry (new) to keep alive the connections to those young adults who have gone on for further studies, into the workplace or into the military. Also, this group will be taking on a special ministry to the children of the parish (birthday ministry).

Contact: Ruth Matheson or Chet Smalley