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For new members, there is no better way to meet the parish family than at this rotating dinner party. Never with the same guests twice, diners meet monthly for four consecutive months, at parishioners’ homes, bringing either an hors d’oeuvre, salad, or dessert. These dinner parties provide a wonderful opportunity for parishioners to socialize, many times bringing people together who would otherwise meet only on Sunday mornings.

Though originally a meeting of eight people at eight o’clock on Saturdays, it is more times seven at six on Friday or Sunday. This is one of St. Luke’s gems of a tradition and has been used as a model by other churches in the area.

Coffee Hour

Our mission at Coffee Hour is to provide a forum for informal gatherings: parishioners reconnect, meet new-comers, and welcome visitors.

Parishioners volunteer to host 1 coffee hour a year in Greene Hall. Hosts set up, brew coffee, heat water for tea and clean-up when done. The total time commitment is about 1 hour. It is one way we at Saint Luke’s can serve each other.

To learn more or get involved please contact Noelle McCarthy at noelle_mccarthy@verison.net .

Men’s Bible Study and Breakfast

Join us on Saturday mornings at 8:15 AM for breakfast, fellowship, study and prayer.


Book Club

The St. Luke’s Book Club has been in existence since 1999 and throughout the ensuing years, its members have enjoyed sampling diverse literature, participating in animated discussions and meeting new friends. The reading list has ranged from classics such as War and Peace and The Scarlet Letter, to memoirs, fantasies, biographies, histories and current best sellers, fiction and non-fiction. The nearly 20 members, including both St. Luke’s parishioners and other community members, meet on the first Thursday of each month from 7:15 pm to 8:30 pm, beginning in September and continuing through May (excluding December). The discussion of the monthly book selection is facilitated by one member who researches the author and provides other relevant information regarding religious, political, social or cultural themes.
The Book Club is a congenial group that welcomes new members. For more information, please contact Linda Pratt, Book Club Chair, at lindainvision@gmail.com.

We’re celebrating our 17th year of page-turning fellowship!
Theme: Perspectives on Faith

2016-2017 Reading List

Monday Bible Study and Lunch

Going Deep in the Gospel of John

~Why is John’s gospel so different from the other gospels?
~What does it mean to teach us about following Christ?
~What are its unique features?
~What relevance does it have to our lives today?

You are invited to join us and “Walk with Jesus” through the Gospel of John. Kent will be leading this study through John and will include highlights from the Greek text, historical background, literary and other features of this unique gospel.

Join us on Mondays from Noon until 1:15 PM and bring a lunch if you wish.