Contemporary Music

Approximately twice a month, the stylistic variety of our worship music is enhanced by selected songs from the contemporary Christian or folk genre. These songs are led by a small group of church members who would welcome additional singers or instrumentalists. If you would like to sing or play as a part of this group, please contact the Rev. Dr. Kent Walley in the church office.

Children’s Choir

Children's ChoirIt is difficult to imagine anything more thrilling than the sounds of children’s voices lifted in songs of praise. In St. Luke’s Children’s Choir, elementary and middle school students learn songs as well as how to read and understand music in a fun and supportive environment. The choir experience is an excellent reinforcement of the music children learn at school and private music lessons. Because of families’ busy schedules, this year’s choir is divided into short sessions, and all are welcome to join us for any or all of the sessions. The first session meets each Wednesday in October from 4:30-5:30pm, with a performance in church on Sunday, November 3rd, All Saints’ Sunday. Please contact Brian Harlow with any questions at

Please join the Children’s’ Choir!

Thank you for taking the time to be aware of this message. The Saint Luke’s Children’s Choir needs members. We sing in the different masses that we have throughout the year. All kids are welcome to join if they are committed to going to the practices. We sing on Christmas Eve and other Sunday masses. Practice is after coffee hour from 11:00-11:30. The person in charge is Dr. Brian Harlow. He is also our organist and the head of the adult Choir. I took time to interview each member of the Choir including myself about the different things it means and the things we do. Let’s see what they say…

Juliana Holmes, Age (9) What fun things does the Children’s Choir do throughout the year?
We have fun pizza parties sometimes before we sing in Christmas Eve mass and Easter mass. In practice, we also make some funny sounds to warm up our voices. That pays off when we sing with the adult Choir. It’s fun because I feel like a little adult.

Leah Holmes, Age (7) What is your favorite thing that we do? Why?
I like when we have parties a few nights before we sing and we also get to have pizza. Who doesn’t like Pizza? But on the serious side of things after all of the food we have a little bit of a longer choir practice. I really hope more people join this year.

Olivia Donayre, Age (8) What fun things do we do in Choir Practice?
It’s fun when we make different sounds to warm up our voices. I also like when we break down songs and we sing different parts. That sounds really cool you get to hear the melody of notes being sang together. It’s super fun and beautiful.

Jack Gallup, Age (9) Does the Children’s Choir have impact on Boys and Girls or just one Gender? Why?
Both – All Genders get to do Children’s Choir. I like being able to do stuff, like the adult Choir. I also like being able to spend time with Dr. Harlow because he is a great teacher.

Hannah Gallup, Age (7) Do you, think later in your life the Children’s will change the way that you look at music? Why?
Yes – I think it will make people think that anybody can do it. It’s very fun too. I will always remember the Children’s Choir.

Jack, Age (8) After one practice, did you want to come back?
Yes, because I like that you get to see friends that you make in Church or Sunday School. I also like singing and playing an instrument. Lastly, I enjoy watching the Christmas Eve mass and to think I would be in it that would be amazing.

Calder Frederick, Age 5. Being the youngest what do you enjoy the most?
I like singing the super fun songs, and being able to practice the music with a great teacher.

Dr. Brian Harlow, Do you, have a different point of view with the Children’s Choir and the adult Choir? Why?
Yes – With the kids we work on making things sound good and learn songs. With adults, we work on tempo, notes, and dynamics.

Overall everyone enjoys the Children’s Choir. We meet in the music room at 11:00 am. Please ask me or Dr. Harlow for more information. Singing really is something all kids should try.

~ Juliana Holmes – member of the children’s choir.