The organ at St. Luke’s is a very fine example of a digital organ, generously donated by Jimmy Johnson. The console was built by R.A. Colby and the electronics were built and recently upgraded by Walker Technical. Unlike a pipe organ, a digital organ does not use pipes to produce sound (the pipes you see are decorative), but rather digitally sampled recordings of actual pipes from various pipe organs. A few of the stops on our organ were actually sampled from some famous and historic pipe organs. Our organ sounds particularly convincing because of the high quality of the digital samples, the high quality of the speakers, and recent innovations in technology that make digital organs sounds more like pipe organs than ever.

Brian P. Harlow, Organist & Choirmaster

Brian HarlowBrian Preston Harlow is active as a recitalist, accompanist, choir director, teacher and composer in the greater New York City area. In addition to serving as Organist and Choirmaster of St. Luke’s Episcopal Church in Gladstone, New Jersey, he is organ accompanist for the Rutgers University Chorus, Newark Campus, Choral Accompanist for the Somerset Hills School District, and the Church Concert Series Director for Music in the Somerset Hills. He has given a number of recitals in the United States and England and performs regularly with other instrumentalists and with Christopher Jennings as Duo Organists.

Dr. Harlow holds the degrees of Doctor of Musical Arts, Master of Musical Arts and Master of Music from Yale University School of Music, as well as the Bachelor of Music degree with High Distinction from Indiana University School of Music. He received the Associate Diploma and two examination awards from the American Guild of Organists. Dr. Harlow is a member of the executive board of the Metropolitan New Jersey chapter of the American Guild of Organists, and Instrumental Music Reviewer for the Journal of The Association of Anglican Musicians. Updated information can be found on his website: