As Christians we understand Baptism to be the great sacrament by which God adopts us as His children, members of the body of Christ, and inheritors of the kingdom. It is a special occasion for the Church — a service of joy as we welcome new members, young and old, into the Body of Christ.

If you are interested in Baptism, please call the church office at 908-234-0002 for more information.


Confirmation at St. Luke’s is generally in 8th grade, sometimes 9th grade, and exceptionally 7th grade. Classes are held on Sunday mornings after the 9:30 service, beginning in October and running through the end of April. Confirmation itself is normally in May or early June, depending on the bishop’s schedule.

The purpose of the classes is to get the confirmands to think for themselves about the vows they will make before the bishop — to understand them, but also to decide what they truly believe, what they do not believe, and what they are doubtful or uncertain of. At the end of the course they will write a belief statement — a private document in which they attempt to articulate their beliefs and their uncertainties (there is nothing wrong with uncertainty!).

In addition, confirmands normally take part in an outreach project together; they traditionally visit the Abyssinian Baptist Church in Harlem on one Sunday in February; and they play a significant role in St. Luke’s observance of Holy Week.


A wedding is a service of worship, a special occasion of joy in which a man and a woman publicly declare before God, and their families and friends, their commitment to be husband and wife together for the rest of their lives. They come seeking God’s blessing as they enter into this holy covenant, a visible sign of God’s grace active in our world.

If you are interested in Matrimony, please call the church office at 908-234-0002 for more information.

Funeral and Memorial Services

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