From time to time, talks are given on Sunday mornings at 11 AM (after the 9:30 service). Recent talks have included a three-part series on “Bio-Ethics ”, a three part series on “Celtic Christianity” and a six-part series on “You and Your Bible”.



and things that go bump in the night

*Are you planning anything for Hallowe’en this year?

“O yes.  We spend a fortune on costumes for the kids – and another fortune on candy for kids who come to our door.”

“Have you any idea why?”

“Er, no ….. It’s a bit of fun, isn’t it?”

“Would you like to know what it’s really all about – Hallowe’en, and All Saints the next day, and All Souls the day after that? – and what it all has to say about Death and life-after-death and Purgatory and Paradise?”

“Er, well …..”

“Good, then put 11 AM, Sunday, October 28 on your calendar, and come and hear Richard Somerset-Ward trying to explain it – or, at any rate, thinking out loud about it”.

The Just War – Is there such a thing?  At 11 AM on Sunday, November 4 (the week before Remembrance Sunday) Richard Somerset-Ward will take up the cudgels in the age-old argument about War – when (if ever) can it be justified for Christian peoples to take up arms?  Surveying the wars of the last 100 years, he applies Jesus’ own principles in an attempt to discover which of them, if any, were “just wars”.