Vieva GrenierParish Administrator, Vieva Grenier

Vieva has been at St. Luke’s “all her life, it seems.” Her family was active here since the 1950’s. She and her husband Tom met at LIFE Magazine in NYC in 1964, were married here in 1965, and moved to Bedminster, where they brought up their 3 daughters. In 1972 Vieva started working for an international metals trading company, where she worked off and on for about 20 years. Vieva joined the St. Luke’s Choir in 1973, was on Parish Life Guild and then PLG Chair in 1978, and was Fair Chairman in the early 1980’s. After a brief move to Kentucky in 1986, the Greniers moved back to the area in 1988. Vieva became Parish Administrator at St. Luke’s in 1993. She considers her work a joyful ministry to the people of God at St. Luke’s.


Charlie HammaCharlie Hamma, Sexton