The beautiful cross that you see on our website was painted by our parishioner, Jennifer Pierson. The inspiration for the design comes from the cross on the altar where lilies are featured in the engraving all over the cross. She said “I have always loved that cross and wanted to incorporate the lilies into the design. They also form a crown around the center of the cross. The colors are what I think of when I think of the interior of the church, given the green kneelers and our green banner. Green also represents Trinity, the three in one”.

Jennifer is a nationally recognized wildlife portrait artist and designer. Besides working in watercolor, acrylics, scratchboard and pencil, she also designs silkscreens for several companies. Her doormats and china appear in many national catalogs such as L.L. Bean, Neimann Marcus, Gokey, and Orvis.

Jennifer has exhibited her paintings at the major Wildlife Shows throughout the East. Her paintings and scratchboards are owned by The Virginia Museum of Marine Sciences, Northwest Mutual Life Insurance Co. and many private collectors in this country and abroad.

Born and raised in New Jersey, she graduated from The Masters School in Dobbs Ferry, NY, where she majored in art and subsequently taught it at The Purnell School in Pottersville, NJ. She has been painting full time and professionally since 1976. Jennifer and her husband Lee, who is an ornithologist and carver, live in Pottersville, NJ. Together they are partners in Pierson Design Enterprises. Their three grown daughters have fledged.

Jennifer’s other interests include gardening, gourmet cooking, and tennis which she has taught. As a teenager, she trained under Jack Kramer and played Junior National Tennis.